Q: I've never been to a fetish party? How will I know what to do?
A: Vanilla virgins are welcome in SINLESS. This is a community that embraces and educates. If you truly wish to learn what this world contains, don't be afraid to come. There will be plenty of people willing to share. In addition, there will be demonstrations for both couples and singles who are curious to know more. Just ask The Revelator or Vinylily and they will be happy to help out.

Q: I am a single man. Can I come to the party?
A: Sinless is a fetish play party. Many play parties around the world are designed for couples only. Firstly, couples tend to play. And our parties are about action! Single guests tend to watch, and do very little. This can make things uncomfortable for the serious ones. Secondly, it is our belief that for a fetish party to be successful, the atmosphere must have the utmost respect and comfort for the women in attendance. Allowing single men into the club often results in a club full of men, and usually this quickly becomes uncomfortable for the female party goers. Perhaps, in time, there will be more opportunities for single men to join in the fun, but for now we wish to protect the comfort of our female guests above all else.

Q: What is acceptable dresscode for Sinless?
A: For Dresscode information click here. For gallery examples click here. If you arrive to a Sinless party without a proper costume, you will be asked to leave immediately. If your outfit is almost there, then you might be given the chance to be stripped, beaten and publicly humiliated on the stage. This includes tops, Mistresses and Masters. Your outfit may be altered to suit our desires. These decisions are solely at Honeyhair's discretion.

Q: What is the entry fee and what time does the party start?
A: Entrance price is 1000 kc per couple, 500 kc per transgender, and single women are welcome without entrance fee. The club will be open from 21 till 4.00, however no one will be admitted after 23.00.

Q: What is the address of the club?
A: To us, privacy and discretion are more important than advertising ourselves all over the place. The address of the club will be sent to you after you make a reservation.

Q: Can I change my clothing at the premises?
A: Yes. The club has lockers for private use, as well as showers and towels. You may be asked to show your clothing at the door, so that we can maintain our dresscode policy.

Q: Is there music?
A: Yes. The flavor of the events will be darkwave, EBM, shadow synth-pop, goth and industrial. Dancing is always encouraged.

Q: Is there a bar?
A: Yes. While good times are encouraged, this is not a drinking event. It is a fetish event. Becoming visibly intoxicated beyond the point of good conduct and respect will result in immediate expulsion from the premises.

Q: Do people have sexual contact there?
A: Yes. Sexual contact is often part of the expression of most fetishists.
Not necessary for all, but it is an option and one that is encouraged at Sinless.

Q: Will I be required to do something sexual?
A: No. You are not required to do anything at all, except be respectful of those around you.

Q: What if someone takes my picture?
A: Cameras and video equipment are strictly forbidden. Sometimes we have a photographer at the venue for documenting the live shows. He/she will not take your photo without asking first. If another guest takes your photo, please contact The Revelator or Vinylily immediately.

Q: Are toys available at your parties?
A: Dungeon furniture is standard equipment at the party, however any special tools and toys like whips or leashes you should bring with you.

Q: Can I pay for a fetish session in your club?
A: No. Sinless is a monthly fetish event, not a Mistress studio.

Q: Can I pay for sex in your club?
A: No. Sinless is not a sex club. Sinless is not a brothel. Sinless is a fetish party.

Q: What if I meet a person I know?
A: So what? Then this person knows "your secret" and you know his/hers.
The person is at the party for the same reasons that you are. :)