01.12.2010 Naughty Saint Nick

Our Sinless Mikulasska was definitely one for the record books. Despite an enormous blizzard that shut down the entire city, the dedicated kinksters of Prague came through the raging storm to play play and play. And what greeted them? An evil black-clad Mikulas, a beautiful angel and a terribly sexy devil. After that, Jezisek showed up... and Santa too. A unique battle-royale for Christmas ensued. We are still not sure exactly who won... And then, down on the devil farm, Mikulas left the keys to his angel... who decided to bring out his own style of devil training. Finally, a Mikulasska would be nothing without some gifts, so we awarded the best devil with a sexy little crop and the best angel with a beautiful collar and cuff set courtesy of our friends at If you haven't bought all your Christmas gifts yet, go to their site now! A final thank you to all of you who came out to party on that terrible crazy snowy night... That's it for Sinless 2010 - Happy Holidays to one and all!

03.11.2010 Sinless Birthday

Sinless is now two years old! How the time flies... Through our 2nd birthday, some things have taken on the form of tradition: broken dolls, school girls, devil's food cake... but this year it was all new and different. Our doll was made of honey, our balloons had a burlesque beauty inside, our school girl had the wickedest teacher ever and our cake... well... our cake was the sexiest cake you've ever seen. And to the delight of all, we had the one and only Mr. Bondage displaying his beautifully intricate craft. Then of course, there was playtime... It was an intense celebration of all our favorite sins. It seems the terrible two's are not so terrible after all. If you weren't there, you should be very very sad. Now you must wait another whole year...

08.09.2010 Uniforms Rule

The queen is dead, long live the queen... VinyLily has left us for bigger and better things in America. So the one and only Honeyhair has stepped up to take her place. And she stepped up wonderfully. In her first party as the face of Sinless, she and Rev pulled off a full set of beautiful shows displaying uniforms in their finest ways - both on and off. Firstly, we had a funeral for VinyLily. (May she rest in peace.) Then we watched a brave soldier march off to war...but not before giving his house maid a last parting gift. And then we watched that same soldier return from war, to the loving yet devious hands of the unit nurse. Uniforms give us the power of role, the strength of character. And we had some characters this night for sure. Something was in the air...the people, the energy, the costumes..."Uniforms Rule" will be a party to remember.

16.06.2010 On The Leash

Have you ever been to a human pet show before? Well, if you weren't at Sinless, then you've missed your chance! It was a splendid showing of some very luscious creatures. This Sinless opened with Honeyhair playing the pussy cat...and what a pussy cat she was... Afterwards, Rev tried to do something nice for Lily, but a very bad puppy messed things up. After a washing and a training, all was right with the world once more. For the rest of the night, our guests played pet games for prizes. I wish I could share some photos, but for some simply must be there. What a treat it was to watch our pets crawling on their hands and knees all night like the animals they truly are...

07.04.2010 Latextasy II

This was our 2nd annual party dedicated to latex and vinyl fetishists. This year we had many great designers, providers and artists from all over the rubber side of the Czech Republic: Yelen style was danced to perfection by the talents of Trn v Oku. Lady Mousellyca and Ariel played gorgeous mannequins to Mistress Adrienne's designs. AdeMa brought her entourage to show us all kinds of latex flavors. And Latex Fashion made an extremely impressive show debut with Mistress Lucie, Spunky and their vacuum bed. The night was alive - full of smiles, full of laughter, full of those wonderful rubbery squeaks and creaks...

10.02.2010 Pure BDSM

Many people have asked: why Pure BDSM? Isn’t BDSM just one small part of every Sinless party? The answer: Yes, BDSM is part of every party, just like every other fetish. Even when we have sexy Easter bunnies or dangerous secretaries running around, that is just the frosting on top of it all...on top of our special brand of BDSM and fetish life. But we felt that now, at the start of a new decade, we wanted to start pure and simple. Trn v oku re-joined us as collared cabaret girls and gave us a splendid dance. ( And what followed was a slew of shows representing the basic facets of BDSM. Rev gave us a taste of dominance, Murhaaya showed us his rope artistry and VinyLily had a special birthday treat: her first real sadistic experience with her new toy slave, courtesy of Rev, of course. Special thanks go out to Nenufer and Zuzanka of BDSM Shop for bringing an amazing display toys for sale and play. (

02.12.2009 Dirty Ol Saint Nick

Angels and Devils. Heaven and Hell. Exactly what a Mikulasska should be. We had devils abound and Trn v Oku returned with a special dark angels dance performance. We tried to get Jezisek to come back and visit us, but we beat her ass so badly last year, that she said she's never coming to Sinless ever again. Ach jo. In her place, Santa stopped by for a little reindeer training, and then he gave out Sinless pen drives to everyone. Have a Kinky Christmas!

04.11.2009 Sinless Birthday

Ah they grow up so fast - Sinless is now one year old! Our birthday party was everything it should be and more. In commemoration of our first party, we performed VinyLily's Broken Doll and a redux of our first ever Schoolgirl Show - but this one knocked the house down. What more? Oh just a little bondage, domination, sadomasochism, latex, vinyl, food, fire, drink, dance...and of course - cake. It was an intense celebration of all our favorite sins. If you weren't there, you should be very very sad. Now you must wait another whole year...

12.10.09 A Halloween Masquerade

Sinless came back from the summer in style-and what a grand return it was! Beautiful masks, gorgeous costumes, and wonderful people graced the Sinless masquerade. The mask competition had two winners: a latex cardinal and baroque belle. They each won some latex goodies from fashion designer Yelen ( Then the masks came off and the night got even wilder...

08.06.09 Latextasy

Sinless is starting to find itself, to become the play party it was meant to be. This party had all the right elements: sexy people, active players and loads of latex. It was beyond wild in our lovely club, merging the fetishists, the curious and the kinky in one glorious night. Our Sirens were truly outstanding this time- showing off numerous delicious designs from the one and only Yelen.

06.05.09 At The Office

There are not many photos in the gallery this month...mainly because there was too much action to bother with taking photos. This was truly one of our wildest parties yet. The Revelator and Sirens started the evening off with a surprise show. Then we ate, we drank, and we played. Almost everyone got into the action on this night. Murhaaya tied everything in sight. Lily and Nienna delivered 100 lashes to one of the willing. But the real stars of the night were the guests: a club full of lovely secretaries put good use to their rulers, and a few other things as well...we are looking forward to more nights like this...

08.04.09 An Easter Spanking

“What beautiful traditions we have here in the Czech Republic. Where else in the world is Easter a BDSM event?“ We celebrated our Sinless Easter with all the delicious necessaries: Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and an Easter spanking. Add to that some champagne and beranek. Later on, a few of the guests got wild and earned hand-painted Sinless Eggs of their own… As a result, none one will dry out this year.

09.03.09 Open Mic Night

Our second Open Mic Night was full of naughty fun. The underlying theme was "Spring Cleaning" and the maids were as devilish as they were stunning...

11.02.09 My Bloody Valentine

"a time to celebrate all things that come from the heart: love, romance, passion...blood"

The name of the game for this party was everything red and romantic. We devoured Cupid, burned VinyLily and took the Sirens for a rose petal bath...ah, romance.

19.01.09 Open Mic Night

Our first Open Mic Night was simply beautiful. It was an intimate and sensual evening bringing together people from all over the world. Kinky delegates came from Germany, Kazakhstan, Finland, America and of course, Cechia. Many delicious shows were put on throughout the evening, with Cechia taking the gold. We have expanded our musical repertoire to two: dj brownlove bringing us the old school favorites and dj breakyrself providing his signature evil electro. VinyLily was especially naughty this night, and thus punishment was duly given...

03.12.08 We Hate Xmas

What a spectacular anti-Christmas party we had...The Revelator played a new kind of Mikulas to the sexiest angel and devil in Czech history. provided us with a delightfully evil Christmas tree-- special thanks go to Murhaaya, and his beautiful bondage of the beautiful Spunky. And when Jesizek showed up late, well, punishment was necessary...of the best kind. Resident dj mercutio kept the night properly dark and a guest mix by dj breakyrself highlighted our bondage show. The Sinless Sirens did their sexy damage to one and all throughout the evening as well. A devilishly merry time was had by all...

05.11.2008 Sinless Premiere Party

The first ever Sinless Party... featuring incredible fetish shows by The Revelator, VinyLily, Ariel, Trix and The Sound Surgeon.

"Things have been changing in the Czech Republic.
An energy- once quiet and hidden- is coming to the light.
The vampires are coming out to play.
This week alone there are 3 major fetish events.
What a beautiful thing that is...
Indeed, the fetish world is exploding all around us.
Thus, we stand here tonight at a very special and exciting moment in time...
Tonight, we are writing history."