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Sinless is an on-going fetish event held in the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

It is an opportunity for fetishists of all kinds
to meet and mix...
to explore and express...
to drink, dance and play.

Sinless parties are held once a month at Club Paradiso. In many cities around the globe, the swinging world and the fetish world have held a long history together, sharing club spaces and sometimes even holding events in tandem. Though Sinless is held in a swinger's club, it is not a swinger's party. It is a fetish play party. What is a fetish play party? It is an event focused on fetish play. This means expressing yourself with costumes and materials that turn you on, exploring your identity through role play, acting out scenes on the stage, in the rooms or upon the dungeon furniture. It also means: having a drink, meeting new people and having a good time.

We believe that enjoying your fetish is often intrinsic to expressing your sexuality. Does this mean you must have sex at Sinless? Absolutely not... but it's not forbidden.

Basic info

In the tradition of other international play parties, Sinless allows entry to

  • couples, single women and single transgender individuals.
  • Couples can be - married, lovers, D/s or simply friends.
  • At this time, single men are not allowed into the club.
  • Reservations are mandatory.

Entrance price is:

  • 1000 Kc per couple.
  • 500 Kc per transgender.
  • Single women are welcome without entrance fee.
  • The club will be open from 21 till 4.00, however no one will be admitted after 23.00.
  • Further information will be released upon confirmation of your reservation.

House rules

  • No entry without following the proper dresscode.
  • It is standard etiquette to ask the Mistress or Master before touching their slave.
  • NO DRUGS ALLOWED! This will result in immediate dismissal from the club.
  • No one will be allowed entry if grossly intoxicated. While good times are encouraged, this is not a drinking event. It is a fetish event.
  • Respect the privacy of others, if they request it.
  • Smoking is restricted in all areas of the club except the main room!

Photo policy

  • It is strictly forbidden to take any audio-visuals during the party. This includes mobile phones. We request you keep your mobile phone in your locker during your whole stay.
  • We have an official photographer to document all live fetish shows. If you wish to be in a Sinless gallery, you may have your photo taken in the designated photo corner. All photos of our guests published on the website will have faces blurred and unrecognizable.
  • No personal photo shoots allowed. The photographer will not be taking any photos for the guests' private use. We understand that you are at the club, all dressed up and in the moment, but if you really want some kinky professional photography, this can be arranged outside of Sinless events. The Revelator himself is a professional photographer. Feel free to contact him regarding fetish portraiture at any Sinless event or fill contact form.


a space to be yourself, free of limits, boundaries or judgments.
There is no sin here, for we do nothing wrong.
We exist for pleasure.
We exist for pain.
We exist for kink.

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